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Living With Sickle Cell

Living With Sickle Cell

For thousands of Americans, living with sickle cell disease means a lifetime of painful episodes, blood transfusions and frequent trips to the hospital. These treatments can often cause complications that are just as bad or worse than the effects of the disease itself.

With good health care, many people who have sickle cell anemia can live productive lives. They also can have reasonably good health much of the time and live longer today than in the past. Many people who have sickle cell anemia now live into their forties or fifties, or longer.

More About Sickle Cell

If you have sickle cell anemia, it’s important to:

Living With Sickle Cell

  • Adopt or maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Take steps to prevent and control complications
  • Learn ways to cope with pain

If you have a child or teen who has sickle cell anemia, you can take steps to learn about the disease and help your child manage it.

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More About The Sickle Cell Association of Kentuckiana

The Sickle Cell Association of Kentuckiana, Inc. (SCAK) is a tax-exempt not-for-profit organization that provides education, support, and advocacy for individuals with sickle cell disease and their families. SCAK is dedicated to increasing awareness of this disease and supporting endeavors that assure prompt and appropriate medical care. Our target audience, however, is not limited to those personally affected by sickle cell. Our mission encompasses educating the lay community as well as the medical community about the disease and resources available.

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